Ground Protection Mats / Spoilboards

Protect existing areas to reduce damage

When jobs get messy, we offer sufficient cover to keep work areas and sites tidy.

TempoTrax® are resistant, robust driving mats or PE ground plates, easy to manually handle and use. They offer effective pressure spreading, optimize buoyancy and protects the foundation. Resists static pressure of up to 80 tons per square meter, from wheel excavators, rubber tracks or steel larvae. We manufacture ground protections in 8 standard sizes to meet your specific needs. ( Please view the Products page and look for “LIGHT” & “MEDIUM”).

With weights from 19kg to 84kg, they may save the costs for use of forklifts or similar when placing them out. They fill perfectly the level between the heavy and costly steel road plate and the cheap not very resistant wooden plywood litter found on all building sites. Our high-quality recyclable plastic ensures both a minimal environmental impact and chemical and weather resistant soil protection for all applications.

Markskydd i Väst AB is a leading supplier of specialist non-mechanical plant and equipment for both sale and hire. Should you require additions to your building project or construction site, we have plenty of ground protection, stabilisation, reinforcement, bridging and more.

Our sales team can be contacted to discuss your additional requirements – let’s see how we can help.


All our plastic products are manufactured to meet the toughest emission regulations in the world. Working closely with our suppliers to meet our own strict high standards makes it easy for customers’ projects.

We use only 100% recycled plastic, and ensure that there are no contaminants that are in conflict with REACH, the candidate list or that are listed in BASTA‘s * eligibility criteria, in our plastic.

Where they are made

Our manufacturing facilities produce a complete range of core materials of the highest quality to improve both the stability and appearance of the finished panels. Only 100% recycled plastic is used in production and in addition TempoTrax® is recyclable!

We only use European manufacturing facilities that we work very closely with and are at the forefront when it comes to using the plastic that no one else wants.

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