TempoTrax Medium

TempoTrax® Medium

TempoTrax® Medium is a temporary cover and protection for limiting muck and dirt during site works.

TempoTrax® Medium is lightweight, but heavy-duty in nature, for quick and easy installation that is ideal for covering flat and solid surfaces or soft and sensitive ground areas.

The flexible board is a temporary surface or Spoilboard that is manufactured from premium 100% recycled low-density polyethene (LDPE) and is entirely recyclable. This gives the product long-lasting credentials and enables it to have an extended life span.

It is more effective than plywood, which can split and break, and has a ‘non-slip’ top surface and smooth bottom surface for improved grip and reduced slipping.

Multiple TempoTrax® Medium mats are simply connected with either heavy-duty cable ties, standard 2-way or 4-way connectors, or even steel fast-fit connectors.

Additionally, these mats can either be reused or recycled at the end of each project.

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Take a look at other alternative products like TempoTrax® Economy for Pedestrians, TempoTrax® Light for light vehicles,Tempotrax® Medium,  TempoTrax® Heavy Duty for heavy-duty use or Tempotrax® Extreme for the really heavy-duty projects, to ensure our range meets your needs.

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Operational and cost-efficient attributes
  • Designed for use with vehicles and pedestrians
  • A quick and effective temporary access solution with easy installation
  • 6 hand holes / 3 hand holes for the half size
  • Durable, cost effective and long lifespan
  • Store with stillage or on pallets for transport, distribution or containment
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Industries we work within


Improve surrounding land with decorative structures and walkways?

Cultivate natural or colour plastic around existing outdoor terrain, plants, soil, rocks, grass and water, to complete any landscape design knowing that it will be waterproof and resistant against the elements.


Working to expand, extend or improve an industrial construction?

We supply plastic sheets and ground protection mats that are ready for use with internal or external building, infrastructure and facilities projects, with minimal structural repair and maintenance after installation.


Need plastic that’s long-lasting, thermal, insulated or retardant?

With a variety of sizes, shapes, and functionalities, our plastic panels, boards and sheets are adaptable building materials for a number of factors, like prevention from weather or moisture and for specific or aesthetic use.

Civil Engineering

Looking for specific materials to complete a design plan?

Our products stand the test of time for major engineering projects, from design, construction and maintenance into the public or government environments.

Only the best will do

Quality Check

A great consideration during the manufacturing process was to make the DuraMatt Lite mats from 100% Recycled Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) plastic for a long life span and easy installation with connection points and handles.
Additionally, our customers have commented that the design is compact with good traction.

The proof is in the result

  • Protect and cover ground from excess damage
  • Multi-use for internal or external projects
  • Cost-efficient and reusable


All our plastic products are manufactured to meet the toughest emission regulations in the world. Working closely with our suppliers to meet our own strict high standards makes it easy for customers’ projects.

We use only 100% recycled plastic, and ensure that there are no contaminants that are in conflict with REACH, the candidate list or that are listed in BASTA‘s * eligibility criteria, in our plastic.

Where they are made

Our manufacturing facilities produce a complete range of core materials of the highest quality to improve both the stability and appearance of the finished panels. Only 100% recycled plastic is used in production and in addition TempoTrax® is completely recyclable!

We only use European manufacturing facilities that we work very closely with and are at the forefront when it comes to using the plastic that no one else wants.

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